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The importance of random matrices in mathematics and their applications is now well-established. In view of this, random tensors are expected to play a growing role in many areas of mathematics, physics, and computer science. To our knowledge, communities using random tensors have mostly grown apart, developing their own tools and results. The aim of the conference is to bridge this gap by bringing together researchers working on random tensors and related topics, with an emphasis on mathematics and statistics, quantum information, condensed matter physics, and quantum gravity and discrete geometry.



March 14 - 18, 2022 // Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM), Luminy, Marseille, France

[If the sanitary situation allows, the conference will be in-person]



As is now common, there have been phishing emails regarding hotel booking for the conference. The accommodation booking will be done through the CIRM website. Please disregard any other communication, and don't hesitate to contact the organizers if you have any doubt. 



Mari Carmen Bañuls // Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics // Germany

Tensor Network States for the study of quantum many-body systems

Sylvain Carrozza 
// Radboud U // The Netherlands

The combinatorics of random tensors: from random geometry to strongly-coupled phenomena

Joseph Landsberg 
// Texas A&M // USA

The geometry of tensors

Michael Walter // Ruhr-Universität Bochum // Germany

Random tensor networks in quantum information and holography



Benson Au U of California, Berkeley USA
Guillaume Aubrun U de Lyon 1 France
Gérard Ben Arous Courant Institute, NYU USA
Shih Yu Chang San Jose State U USA
Matthias Christandl U of Copenhagen Denmark
Benoit Collins Kyoto U Japan
Jens Eisert Freie U Berlin Germany
Jorge Garza-Vargas U of California, Berkeley USA
Henrique Goulart INP Toulouse, IRIT France
Razvan Gurau U Heidelberg Germany
Benjamin Lovitz U of Waterloo Canada
Mario Kieburg U of Melbourne Australia
Camille Male U de Bordeaux, CNRS France
Tim Netzer U Innsbruck Austria
Norbert Schuch
U of Vienna Austria
Yizhe Zhu
U of California Irvine USA
Jeroen Zuiddam
U of Amsterdam The Netherlands



Stéphane Dartois (U de Bordeaux, U Melbourne), Gemma De las Cuevas (U of Innsbruck), Cécilia Lancien (CNRS, U Grenoble Alpes), Luca Lionni (Heidelberg U), Ion Nechita (CNRS, U Toulouse III)

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Scientific committee

Pierre Comon, Leticia Cugliandolo, Alice Guionnet, Tim Netzer, David Perez-Garcia, Vincent Rivasseau



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